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Cascades Project developer submits plan for Waterworks property

from Tallahassee Democrat

Old City Waterworks in Tallahassee

TaMaryn Waters, Democrat staff writer

Graffiti tagged buildings downtown are vestiges of the city’s first water system, where gurgling water pumped through pipes to a growing population from 1889 to 1958.

The main structure is topped with two Swiss chalet-style peaks and clustered among three smaller brick buildings and a round color-splashed cistern built on the side of a hill.

Tallahassee’s downtown matured and spilled around these municipal relics still standing on the northwest corner of East Gaines and South Gadsden streets. 

For years, ideas surfaced to repurpose the property. At most, it’s been city storage but with time slid into a state of disrepair. Years ago, the “Save the Waterworks” movement successfully rallied locals when renovation funding was threatened. 

Now, North American Properties, the developer behind the massive Cascades Project, wants to make the century-old waterworks property part of its grand vision. 

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