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New drawings showcase anticipated sense of place

from Project Update

evening rendering of Cascades waterfall feature

Cascades Project designers have released a handful of vignettes that depict the anticipated sense of place to be created by the new development across from Cascades Park and offer a glimpse of how the community will experience its various public spaces.

Cascades visitors will enjoy a grab-and-go market and eclectic indoor-outdoor dining options within a communal space. Evenings at the park will come alive with food truck, pop-up vendors, art and music, while bars and restaurants will serve up local fare and expertly crafted cocktails.
A landmark oak tree serves as the centerpiece of a pocket park at the corner of the Cascades Project. The space invites residents and visitors to sit back and relax within a cultural, historical and culinary destination.
Children delight in the splash pad located across from the Cascades Project. Play spaces, outdoor dining options, expanded bathroom facilities and ample nearby parking will enhance the Cascades experience for families.
Families enjoy a bustling plaza located in the middle of the development at Cascades Park. Community activities and events will be a mainstay of the new development, and green spaces will offer room for children to play while parents peruse an outdoor market or look on from a nearby eatery.

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