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Construction sneak peek

from Project Update

Precast construction proccess

Image courtesy of Metromont

Project update from North American Properties – Cascades Team

Did you know that most of the construction at Cascades will happen offsite?

In fact, as you read this, workers at a precast concrete factory in Bartow, Florida are fashioning the walls of the AC Hotel Tallahassee, which will soon sit just steps away from the Capital City Amphitheater. Later this summer, we will transport them to the site and carefully lift them into place, giving shape to the building over a matter of days.

Precast concrete represents the latest in construction technology and offers several key benefits to traditional concrete, including:

  • Quality: Factory-controlled conditions and continuous monitoring minimize the risk of imperfections and ensure a high-quality finished product.
  • Durability: Precast concrete walls can withstand standard weathering, as well as hurricane-force winds.
  • Aesthetics: Project architects maintain vast flexibility with respect to building shapes, sizes, finishes and flourishes.
  • Sustainability: Thermal-resistant precast concrete saves energy by reducing the effects of temperature change on heating and cooling systems.

To learn more about the precast process, click here to watch a brief video from the Science Channel’s How It’s Made.

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